1. The `Hire Company’ is Florarie Events Pty Ltd
  2. The `Client’ refers to an individual, firm or corporation hiring equipment or appoints services from the `Hire Company’.
  3. The `Equipment’ refers to all items supplied by the hire company to the client.
  4. The `Event Date’ is the specified date of event provided by the client to the hire company.
  5. `Hire Period’ means the period during which the agreed hire will begin and end.



In order to secure the required equipment for the event date(s), a 50% deposit is required from the total invoice within 3 business days from the issue date of invoice. Failure to do so will result in the desired items being made available for public hire once more.

The balance of the invoice must be settled no later that 14 days prior to the event date. If an order has been placed less than 7 days from the event date, then payment in full must be made within 24 hours from the invoice issue date.  Please note that delivery cannot be confirmed unless payment has been made in full by the specified date.

Please be certain of the items you wish to hire and the date you wish to book as deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for a credit note. By paying the deposit required, you have accepted the terms of contract.



Cancellation and reschedule request must be made in writing via email to the Hire Company. Date change request will be dependent on date & equipment availability and subject to the Hire Company’s discretion.

Booking cancelled within 30 days of the event date will be charged 100% of the total invoice amount.

Bookings cancelled with notice of more than 30 days will be charged 50% of the total invoice amount.

Cancellation of booking due to weather or personal circumstances shall still be subject to the cancellation policy above.

The Client can add hire equipment to their booking at any time subject to availability.

The Client can remove hire equipment from their booking within 8 weeks to the scheduled event date.



The Client is responsible for the security of the equipment until such time as it is returned to or collected by the Hire Company in the original condition it was delivered or picked up in. 

The Hire Company reserves the right to request a security bond. The amount will be determined by individual booking requirements. This will be held as a security against loss or damages to the equipment until all equipment is returned or collected in a satisfactory condition.

In the event that items are lost, stolen, damaged or returned dirty or not in the original condition they were delivered or picked up in, then the Hire Company reserves the right to withhold part or all of the security bond to cover the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement. In addition, the Client agrees to pay the Hire Company for the cost of replacing any stolen, lost or damaged equipment that is deemed beyond repair by the Hire Company.

Refund of security bond will be processed within 2 clear business days once equipment has been checked over and deemed in satisfactory condition upon return/pick up. The bond will be returned via the same way it was paid to the Hire Company.



All hire prices exclude GST unless stated otherwise. Delivery charges and Bond are also excluded from the price of hire.

A minimum hire charge of $200 excluding delivery fee and bond is required for all bookings which need delivery & installation.

There is no minimum hire charge for items which the Hire Company allow for self-pick up, however a Bond will be required for these items which will be determined by the Hire Company. Any late returns will be subject to additional charges.

The hire period for 1day hire is between the hours of 7AM and 10:30 PM Monday to Saturday and 7AM and 6PM Sunday. Items that require delivery or pick up before 7AM or after 10:30 PM but no later than MIDNIGHT will incur further charges. Items collected after MIDNIGHT may attract a further 1day hire fee.

Public Holiday surcharge applies to all booking that are made on public holidays.

The Client acknowledges that the Hire Company is the sole exclusive owner of the Equipment and nothing in this contract confers any option on the Client to purchase the equipment.

The Equipment must only be used at the site or sites specified in the quotation and must not be moved or sub hired at any time during the hire period.

The Equipment must only be used for its normal function as determined by the Hire Company. Failure to do so may result in personal injury or damage to equipment and or surroundings.

All Equipment that require installation are to be professionally installed by the Hire Company in the specified location given by the Client. Once Hire Equipment is installed, it must not be moved. Failure to ignore this agreement may result in damage or personal injury for which the Hire Company takes no responsibility of.

The Client shall protect the Equipment from the elements during time of hire. It is the Client’s responsibility to see to it that all Equipment is stored safely. Please note that ALL hire Equipment are deemed for INDOOR USE ONLY and must be under cover and protected from the elements at all times. Special considerations are made for Arbours and Arches that may be used for wedding ceremonies, provided there is a wet weather back up plan. However, it is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Hire Company prior to the events date of their intent to use the Equipment outdoors and is subject to permission from the Hire Company.  Any equipment damaged by the elements is the full responsibility of the Client.

The Hire Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the overloading, exceeding rate capacity, misuse or abuse of the Equipment by the Client and the Client agrees to keep the Company indemnified in respect thereof.

A delivery/installation/pick up fee will be charged to the Client for any installation of equipment, delivery and collection. This fee will vary depending on distance travelled, amount of equipment, installation time required and accessibility to delivery site. Please note that the sites that require upstairs delivery will incur a further charge and it is the Client’s responsibility to notify the Hire Company in that case. Furthermore, if there is no front access to site or Hire Equipment needs to be carried across a long distance then extra charges will also apply.

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the site has safe, clear and adequate access for the Hire items to be delivered/picked up in the time frame agreed on the quotation.

The Hire Company makes no representation as to the suitability of the Equipment for a particular need or event and it is the Client’s responsibility to make that judgement on its own behalf.

The Client must be aware of the Equipment specifications and measurements and venue access points and display area measurements where Equipment will be installed. If Equipment is delivered to the site and we cannot access the venue because Equipment is too big or doesn’t suit the agreed space where items were to be installed, the Client will still be charged the full invoice amount. Furthermore, if the Hire Company requires additional time to deliver the Hire Equipment due to poor access to site, the Client may be invoice for the additional time spent on the attempted delivery/pickup.

Please be aware that we run on a very organised time frame schedule for delivery/installation and pick up. Please be mindful of that when booking in your delivery/ pick up time. Florarie Events works on a 2-hour window time frame for both Deliver & Pick up. If we cannot access the site for the delivery and or pickup of the Equipment in the time frame agreed in the quotation, this may result in failure to deliver/pick up the Equipment and the Client agrees to pay the full invoice despite items not being delivered/picked up at agreed site. Furthermore, if the Hire Equipment cannot be picked up on the date and time agreed due to not having access to the site for any reason, he Client agrees to pay a full day hire fee for every day that the Equipment remain in the Client’s possession. Where items are stored at an event space, it is still deemed to be in the Client’s responsibility and in the Client’s possession until they are collected by the Hire Company.

Every endeavour will be made to complete delivery/pick up within the period stated but no liability can be accepted by the Hire Company in regard there to. Unless otherwise stated the Hire Company will not accept cancellation of an order due to late delivery, nor shall it be liable for consequential damages of any kind arising out of late delivery or non-delivery.

Any induction training that may be required for the Hire Company to undergo prior to accessing a delivery site, the Client agrees to pay the Hire Company for the time spent on the training or induction. The Client may be issued with a further invoice.

The Hire Company shall in no way be held responsible or accountable for any injury, death or loss of income caused to the Client, any third parties or properties due to the hire of equipment or provided services by the Hire Company.